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  • Why NonViolent Communication ?

    There are many currents in the field of communication (NLP, transactional analysis ....etc) and also in the culture of personal development, so why NVC, what is inspiring for me in this approach?


    • It cultivates autonomy in each person, having access to one's own inner world, by taking responsibility for it and to enter into an intimate relationship with oneselve. From this quality of self-connection you are able to connect with others at a deeper level.
    • This happens in connection with the body, it is a vision that offers practical ways to embody it, by putting aspirations in to reality.
    • As a therapeutic tool, it is a powerful means of reconnecting to oneself and of deconditioning


  • blason des artisans de shambhala médiation assise comme le coeur de la pratique

    Individual accompaniment, couple and family mediation

    Through empathic listening you encounter what unfolds in the therapeutic space, it is a creative process where you are your own art piece, the words are the painting, the emotions the color and the sensations the outlines.

    During working week according to your availability


    office located in Mouans Sartoux, close to the penetrante.

    - consultations by Skype

    - consultations in French or English


    Tarification :

    between 90 and 120 euros for a consultation duration of 1h30 for individual sessions, 2h for mediation of couples or family

    -I am happy to receive those amounts as long as you have joy to give them, helping me to support other people benefiting this approach-through this approach.


    -I am happy to receive those amounts as long as you have joy to give them, helping me to support other people benefiting this approach -


    -I adpat myself to the financial possibilities of each person, in order to share the benefits of this work-


    _In order to be the most helpful and to care for my time and energy, any session booked and not canceled 48 hours in advance is due_


  • la giraffe comme embleme de la communciation nonviolente

    Live and ON-Line Workshops

    Through this workshop, I invite you to go on a journey, meeting yourself by working on concrete situations of your daily life, This exploration induce an awareness, that any interaction in relation to another person involves at every moment the fruit of our personal history, our educational and cultural conditioning.

    Becoming aware of this is to open up the possibility of tasting authentic communication with oneself, and to offer the gift that we are, freed from automatic response.

    By theoretical contributions, demonstrations, practice in pairs and in groups, you discover and deepen this practice, which is for me a revelation that offers the possibility for everyone, to become empowered. It deepens your self connection and bring the opportunity to live it in a network of people willing to share and live this consciousness.



    On-line workshops on Thursday evenings from 10 to 13 pm.



    Demonstrations, theory and practical exercises, in groups and in pairs.


    • During the year we will cover the following topics:
    • Self empathy, empathy and authentic expression
    • Rainbow of authentic expression
    • Counter-intuitive approach to accepting anger
    • When saying No rhymes with saying Yes
    • Tame the practice of focusing and the wisdom of the body
    • Non-directive approach: a journey into the heart of the Self
    • The beauty of needs : meeting with splendor
    • Mourning and celebration, a daily mental hygiene
    • identifying and working with limiting beliefs
    • difficult relationships and inner restoration, instructions for use.
    • Role plays, a practical application of the NVC process
    • Inner mediation and part of oneself


    Sandwich price 30/45 euros

  • Pierre VIgneron psychothérapie cursus en communication nonviolente meditation

    My Pathway

    • 4 years of training + 1 year of supervision in psychotherapy (center of applied psychology, Saint Laurent du Var) 1999-2005

    4 années de formation+ 1 année de supervision en psychothérapie (centre de psychologie appliquée, Saint Laurent du Var) 1999-2005

    • 140 days of training in Nonviolent Communication,

    140 jours de formation en Communication NonViolente,

    Technical training in NVC with Isabelle Padovani (curriculum for the use of Nonviolent Communication for individual therapeutic purposes), heart training with Robert Gonzales, certified trainer of the Center for Nonviolent Communication located in the United States.

    •80 hours of training on the work of the inner parts (M.A.I)

    3 years of training with Dr. Jean Marc Mantel in spiritual psychiatry and self-knowledge

    •Candidate in the certification pathway for English-speaking in Nonviolent Communication

    • 15 years in Jungian analysis with dream interpretation, use of NLP and work in psycho-genealogy (seminar with Anne Ancelin)

    10 years of individual psycho-corporal work according to Gerda Boyesen's method

    20 years of meditative practice immersed in traditions and lineages rooted in Buddhism (Vietnamese Zen (Thich Nhat Hanh), Nigma and Kagyu traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Japanese Zen (Taizen Deshimaru), and finally Burmese tradition (Vipassana, SN Goenka)

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    • Temoignages



      Regular accompaniment by Skype and face to face

      Among all the psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists I have seen over the years, only Nonviolent Communication accompaniment has finally given me something tangible.

      I have seen several therapist in Non-Violent Communication, and I found Pierre to be the most competent, beyond what I could have imagined.

      Pierre is 100% committed and does everything he can to support me throughout the session.

      He gave me hope for the future.


      Regular face to face accompaniment

      My experience of about 8-9 months has been very positive.

      I arrived with a lack of self-confidence and a lot of fears, and problems that had remained buried for a very long time. The progressive work and the different exercises allowed me to :

      - to untangle and understand my own way of functioning of which I was not aware

      - to become aware of my patterns and anchored beliefs, to become aware of the "automatic" mode of these, to learn to face them and then to create a new path

      I particularly appreciated the role-playing exercises. Even if they can be intimidating (at least for me), I was surprised by their efficiency, their capacity to put the finger on the problem and their power to liberate.

      The rhythm of one session every 3 weeks was ideal for me, because it allowed me to digest the information, to question myself and to apply the points discussed, before continuing the work.

      This new faculty of self-knowledge and release of certain fears allowed me to free myself from my work, and thus offer me the opportunity to give a true meaning to my professional life.

      Today, 6 months after leaving my job, I am full of gratitude for having succeeded in making this difficult decision.

      Claudine -Austria-

      Group workshop

      "We participated in a workshop given by Pierre on the practice of role-playing.
      the method that he transmitted to us in our practice group,

      By practicing it only once, one of us was able to save her relationship, when she was ready to break it off! A
      very effective method. Thank you Pierre. Thanks to NVC! "

      Mario -Italy-

      Group workshop

      "Pierre is not a classical teacher, he can explain deep things very simply,
      and make everyone understand instantly what he shares with us, thank you very much!
      I really appreciate it! "

      Marie C.

      Punctual accompaniment

      I am in awe, nourished, inspired and amazed by the qualities of being, connection and compassion that I have experienced throughout this time,
      and I thank you for all the time, energy and presence you have given me.
      It feeds my needs for care, gentleness, human warmth, understanding, support... And so many other things ;-) !...
      Thank you for holding my hand during this delicate moment;
      thank you for opening your arms to me,
      and, in doing so, for helping me to welcome, to see and to translate the Beauty in me,
      hidden behind the intensity of my emotions.
      I leave with nuggets in the sky
      and stars in my eyes,
      the most dear to my heart are related to my Inner Reconnection.

      Elodie B.


      Punctual accompaniment

      I am really grateful to have been able to benefit from Pierre's presence through a session. I was and I am still amazed at the care and the job he did until the end. Pierre did not let me down and his rigor in terms of framework is so reassuring. Even though the path is not always comfortable, I came out of this session with a beautiful gift: a huge awareness and above all, the possibility to do things differently, to act differently, that is such a relief.

      So the job starts now!

      Thank you so much to Pierre for inviting me to take the path of my responsibility, the only place where I have power. His guidance resonates perfectly with his site "freeyourmind", it supports me to free my mind, to free those conditioned places.

      I honor her personal path because her coaching is the fruit of it.

      Catherine F.

      Face to face accompaniment

      I consulted Pierre Vigneron in a very troubled period of my life. I had already been interested in Non-Violent Communication before and had found his (interesting) references on the internet. I had a huge need to talk and his weekly consultations of one and a half to two hours were a great support. I was often devastated by very powerful emotions that he helped me to identify, accept and welcome. His empathetic listening and his kind look were frankly a very precious help for me and I thank him warmly for it here.


      Face to face accompaniment

      "I feel welcomed as I am, I always feel a lot of kindness during the session, which allows me to learn to connect to myself serenely and at my own pace, to what I feel in my body and what I need, I always feel confident to express freely what is happening in my head, my body and my heart. I always have the security of being listened to when I share my daily experiences in which I feel tense and hurt, whether it is in the family setting (daughter, parents, brother), sentimental, professional or social.... in the same way I know I can express what makes me laugh and makes me happy!

      These very intimate spaces are precious moments of encounter with myself because passing through the body gives a lot of depth to the experience, opens concrete possibilities. I always perceive a lot of softness and delicacy, which for me reinforces the perception of integration afterwards in my everyday life with the people around me. I feel myself going quietly, and surely, towards an autonomy (so much sought after for a long time) because thanks to Pierre's knowledge and know-how, I realize that I take - or re-take - the responsibility of what I feel in such or such situation... it is not the other person who is at stake but myself... what a magnificent discovery ;-) !
      Feeling fully supported and accompanied, I can in turn welcome what during certain sessions is very uncomfortable and hurts me...I can thus have access to my feelings, identify my needs and be more clear with my aspirations.
      I salute the sparkle and the lightness that I feel in the course of the sessions, even if it hurts sometimes it is always joyful somewhere, -and it is just huge- and never in the seriosity... Phew!!! Our laughter is just as precious to me :-)))
      So I have a lot of gratitude for all that Pierre brings me of "realistic" peaceful and joyful in my daily life"


      Evening workshop

      "Thank you for your workshops, I benefit immensely from them. They represent a stone that strengthens the foundations (and foundation) of the building of my being."


      -Réunion island-

      Punctual accompaniment by Zoom

      "I would like to express my gratitude to you, because your accompaniment has allowed me to make this journey alone, and thus the need for self-confidence is nourished. At the same time this accompaniment was indispensable for this to come to my consciousness and to be expressed, to be lived".



      Accompaniment by Zoom


      "I would like to share a few words about an experience I had after our last session.

      First of all, I would like to honor this session.

      This experience brought me back to a space that was inaccessible until now and it is very precious for me to live there again. It gives me hope to experience again the vibration and natural joy of living.

      This subtle skill that I used to have naturally, and that for some reason got blocked, came back momentarily during a life experience with a friend. Tasting this again is delicious and precious to me. It is a deep recognition of me by myself, of me toward the other, as a whole.

      Then, with emotions and presence, I have a lot of gratitude for you and for the work you do and that we do. Your benevolence and your light make me feel safe and I am confident to open myself like a lotus in dirty water.

      And, also I have a lot of gratitude for myself, for the work I do, my perseverance and my courage.

      Everything has a preciousness, a taste of pink love, an openness and a lot of joy. The experience itself is just a way to become aware of my strong inner potential."

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