• About psychotherapy...

    In order to take care of my time and energy, and also yours, I work exclusively with people who have a real desire to meet, choosing a commitment in the sessions and a regularity. A guarantee of results, evolution and transformation. It is a structure that takes care of the progress.

    I put my skills at your service. And the value I place in this work, makes it a sacred space. Take time to reflect before committing yourself.

    Valuable skills at your service

    I began my journey in my early twenties, following an intense quest for meaning that led me to inner transformation path.

    I've been trained as a psychotherapist in a private school in the year 2000. The training took place over 4 years + one year of supervision.

    It included a study of adult, child and adolescent psychopathology in order to establish a solid clinical base and also an approach to Neuro-Linguistic Programmation in order to develop a change focused practice.

    I myself have done an analysis with a Jungian psychologist for 15 years, as well as a psycho-corporal work with a biodynamic psychotherapist (Gerda Byoesen) for a similar duration.

    In order not to remain confined to classical psychology, I also studied in parallel with Dr. Jean Marc Mantel who offered an innovative psychiatry asssociated with the non-dual approach in his medical posture. I completed a 3 year course under his direction.
    I then continued my apprenticeship because I felt that at 25 years old, I lacked a solid experiential base in order to offer psychotherapeutic support.

    I met the Nonviolent Communication approach modeled by the American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, after realizing that the classical psychology approach was more oriented on diagnosis than on the real cure of people in need for better well being.

    Thus, I had the chance to be part of a school combining Nonviolent Communication with a therapeutic purpose with renowned teachers for a total of 700 hours of training over a period of 5 years.

    These different backgrounds have allowed me during 8 years of clinical work as a practitionner, to test the relevance, the depth, and the effectiveness of the work I offer, with integrity, in order to offer quality work at the service of your evolution.


  • "It is not by looking at the light that one becomes luminous, 
    but by plunging into its darkness,
    this work is often unpleasant and therefore unpopular".
    -Carl Gustav Jung-

  • Individual accompaniment proposal

    Psychotherapeutic work

    Mission: depth+self knowledge+transformation

    Vou You want to work in depth with yourself, over time to meet, transform and free yourself from patterns and wounds that limit your thriving.

    Relational Coaching

    Mission: Communication + Harmony + Relational competence

    You want to taste more fulfillment with yourself or your loved ones, you need concrete communication tools, to develop relational skills, you don't necessarily have the impetus to dig too deep into your history, your life is already fulfilling for you, you just want a better well being or simply curiosity and learning

    Helping relationship

    Change + Overcome limitations + Evolve

     You have reached a limit in your life, there is a sense of urgency, with a lot of suffering and weight that invade your inner space, a mourning to do, a difficult period to pass, you need a punctual support to go through those difficulties alchemising what happens to you to emerge anew and making room for Change

  • Couple and family support

    Couple mediation

    Give yourself the gift of evolving as a couple, improve your communication to let the love that binds you to each other be.

    Couple mediation is a powerful and precious way to meet the depth and authenticity of the bond.

    Family restoration

    So that within family life, the relationship finds its true place, accompanying the change, meeting the differences, loving the encounter with alterity.

  • Validation of individual coaching appointments

    Validation of individual coaching appointments

    80.00 - 120.00
    Choose the amount you want for your reservation. Price range between 80 euros and 120 euros
    Note that any session not canceled 48 hours in advance is due
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