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Gratitude, user manual

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Cultivate luck


"Build yourself a lucky image of yourself, by noticing where you are lucky"

Is luck related to success? Researchers had a fascinating experiment: They asked people to read a newspaper, and count the number of photographs inside. People who described themselves as unlucky took two minutes to do so. People who describe themselves as "lucky" found the answer within seconds.

How could this be possible?

On the second page there was an advertisement with a header: "Stop counting, there are 43 photographs in this newspaper." It was deliberately camouflaged to make it look like an ad. The "unlucky" people did not see it.

Richard Wiseman, the psychologist who did this research, said: "unlucky" people miss opportunities because they are too focused on looking for something else. They go to parties with the intention of finding the perfect match, and miss opportunities to make good friends. They watch the newspapers, determined to find some job offers, and miss other offers. “Lucky” people are more relaxed and open, and thus see what is there, rather than just what they are looking for. "*

An everyday art


Celebration is a conscious way of cultivating luck. Not as if the luck came from a higher authority, or from a possible lucky star that would be given to us at birth, but beautiful is indeed like a conscious practice, a deliberate choice, a way of changing our mindset, our state. of spirit.

So in Nonviolent Communication, this possibility of cultivating gratitude is not left to chance as a wishful thinking, but as a ritual practice which can become in the long term a way of being, of relating to the world and to the world. our life experiences.

When was the last time you posed in consciousness to simply appreciate what is on offer in your life?

If you take this time and do a careful investigation, you will realize how abundance is above all a state of mind.

Being able to educate our perceptions by being connected to full glass rather than empty glass, is a great power. It is in fact a capacity which allows to genuinely appreciate the world in which one lives. Without it, you would quickly have had a full bank account, and a full fridge, but you will remain poor inside without the possibility of genuinely appreciating what is there, available.

Changing our perceptions


So gratitude is not just an other fashionable fancy tool of new age movement or personal development field. No, it's a gift we give ourselves, an infusion of love that connects us authentically with the world around us. Making it a daily practice is brilliant, relevant, necessary, indispensable, urgent.

In a world that offers on gooing race as a way to taste happiness, hitting the pause button and looking at what's there, already accessible, is a cure for depression, relentless lack, stress, and angst. .

What is specific about Celebration in Nonviolent Communication is that it is a practice, with an organic and felt process.

As I celebrate I will take the time to relate to the feeling I experience when I see some of my needs being fed in my life.

  1. Feeling and identifying needs is of utmost importance, since it gives me clarity on what takes care of myself in my daily life, so I cultivate my awareness of my needs carefully. It's a way to get to know each other better.
  2. It also gives me valuable information on my values, on what allows me to flourish and experience happiness. So that I will be able to consciously reproduce it.
  3. on the other hand when I feel these feelings and these needs in my body, I change my neuronal plasticity, everything that is felt in the body, will impact my perceptions, the way I live the world, on the long term I will become someone else. Like the example given at the beginning of this article, I will perceive the world around me as rich and abundant, full of opportunities and possibilities.

Create opportunities


In practice, gratitude is an art that is cultivated, and like any cultivation, being able to do it in a group, in couple, with friends, gives us inspiration, support, and a taste of shared common values. So if you can, look for people, practice groups, workshops, people that you can meet on the phone or by video conference to practice this. It is a real gift, which in the long run bears abundant and fertile fruit.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in this process and if you wish to increase the opportunities to live this awareness on a daily basis.

All the best


With open heart




* translation of Eben Pagan's book of opportunities

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